Thursday, 9 February 2012

In love with unique SS12

The SS12 Unique collection has landed at TopShop and I am in love with it! It is so spring-like, happy and on trend. I am usually not a fan of Unique, as (excuse the pun) they try too hard to be unique, often ignoring trends and creating hideous attire as a by-product. Not this season.
Their collection is art deco, intricate, and cool. The prints are clashable in a good way, and the colours are pretty. They even have flatforms!
Taking their inspiration clearly from Egypt and Kitty Cats, Unique describes this collection as: "a journey to ancient Egypt with a hip-hop stop-off at 90s New York! Graphic Prints and gold embellishment sat next to luxe sweats and pared-down hats, all in a palette of candy pink, dazzling aqua and gold, gold, gold!".
So much love for it right now, if only I had lots of money to spend. Stupid expenisve degree. Hahaha. Check out the collection here, and my favourite pieces below.

All Seeing Eye Crop. £60

Cut Out Flatforms. £110
Floyd maxi Dress £110

Foil Hieroglyphic Skirt. £120
Hooded Swimsuit. £60
Mermaid Slip £145

Sheer Panel Silk Jacket. £150

Suede Rucksack. £180
Foil Cobra Sweat. £50

Happy Thursday Everyone :) x

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  1. Becky and I went to it in Selfridges today!! It's so so nice!! XxX