Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beauty Review: L'Oréal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray

      Have you seen the adverts for L'Oréal Paris' Matt & Messy range? It's a really well put together ad campaign, and the girl's hair in it is beautiful! Anyway, so I wanted to try this product out having seen the adverts for a long time, and finally, when I was home for my reading week, I went to Sainsburys and picked up a bottle for around £3- £4, I can't quite remember exactly! 

      The aim of this Salt Spray is to "Get tousled, textured hair for a sexy beach look". You can spray it on dry hair or after washing, and the way you scrunch it into your hair (or twist sections) will determine how 'tousled' the effect is. 

      I personally like this product. The effect however is varied: when I scrunched it into wet hair it made my hair messy yet curly, when I twisted it individual sections when wet it made my curls fairly defined, but when I scrunched it onto dry hair I felt my hair felt quite frizzy as opposed to tousled. The images below show each type of effect (please excuse my facial expressions and shameless selfies!) :

         Two things that I really like about it is the level of hold it gives and the immediacy of the effects. As soon as you spray it in you can feel it de-shining your hair and becoming 'Matt & Messy', and  found that each effect lasted as until I washed my hair next. In these ways, I guess it is safe to say it does what it says on the bottle!

       Another thing is that the liquid itself isn't that sticky, but you can feel it doing it's job.
I would say that the main downsides are how varied the effects it gives are, and the scent, which smells of hairspray!

       All in all though, I do like this product and if you want to enhance your curls (or create them if you have straighter hair than mine) this is a good product for laid-back hairstyles! Also the varied effects means that it is versatile, so I guess the more I use it and get used to what application gives what effect this will become a positive!

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  1. How curly is your hair naturally? It looks to have had a nice effect in all three pictures, lovely post, might have to invest!

    1. You definitely should! I do have naturally curly hair, but I need to use products on my hair to help the curls form otherwise I just have no definition at all! Thanks so much for reading :D x

  2. your eyes are so pretty! you got some wild awesome hair ;)

  3. OOh I might go an buy this Lilly, looks like a good product for us curly haired babes!! X

    1. Definitely get some ;)I really like it! x