Monday, 26 January 2015

Are YOU a fan of Topshop/ Adidas' StellaSport?

The fashion blogging world seems to have blown up over the past few days about TopshopXAdidas' collaboration StellaSport. With a tagline like "think high performance technology wear in statement silhouettes and explosive colours" they have created high expectations. Indeed I have seen bloggers tweeting/blogging/instagramming this collection to kingdom come, and so I must say, I was intrigued. 

1. This is a top & trouser duo which I like a lot. Although I think wearing them together should remain for the Jen Selter's of the world. Separately though with a black loose tank, or grey bottoms, these items work for me. I love the colour, and the shapes are flattering and interesting, without accosting my eyes! (Top: £32, Trousers: £35 )

2. Omg. Omg. Look at it! This has clearly been designed to be their 'interesting' 'edgy' 'unique' piece in the collection, but for £50 who is actually going to buy it?? You need to be seriously into very specific sports just to need it, and in my very honest opinion it would be hard not to look like a complete pillock in it! 

3. This is a cute workout top. I like it well enough, the pattern is cute and and the colour is lovely. It is £32 though... so it depends on how much you like it I guess! To me it's too expensive for what it is. 

4. Another top/trouser combo. Safe I guess, and maybe that's why it's my favourite look from the collection (not that I am safe, rather clearly the concept is not resonating with me!) The sweater top is printed, and I assume is meant to be gym wear you could also wear as sport's Luxe. It looks nice with the leggings, which are the only item I would actually consider buying. However the price point puts me off! Such a shame. (Sweater: £50, Leggings: £39)

Having seen the collection, and really looked at each piece, I'm sorry to say it, but i'm disappointed. Well actually disappointed isn't the word I'm looking for... I find the whole thing totally hilarious! The online collection ranges in price from £19 (for a pair of bright geometric socks) to £60 for a sport's jacket (like a literal jacket for sport, not whatever a sport's jacket means in men's fashion). All in all they do deliver on "statement silhouettes" and "explosive colours", but i'm not sure if that is a necessarily good thing. I can't speak for their performance but overall, aesthetically, they hurt my eyes, and not in the tongue-in-cheek way that sportswear brands such as Nike or VSSport do.

Of course sportswear, for enthusiasts at least, is meant to be bold and daring, and many brands do this well. But this collection has far more dud pieces than winners, imho. That is not to say that there aren't a couple of cute items, like the ones above, it's just I think the collection as a whole is more about making a statement than retail, sports and fashion.

All in all this collection is not for me. They tried to create something striking, but I think the concept is too niche and too expensive to really work. Such a shame...

But what do you think? Could you find a wear to rock the collection?

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