Thursday, 15 November 2012

Top Ten Casual Black Flats!

So I went out on Monday night to Oceana, and had a really really fun night! Only issue is that somehow (and I blame the uber sticky floor) the sole of my favourite shoes ever was ripped off! And then the material on the inside disintegrated (the cherry on the destroyed-shoe cake). Nightmare. So I ended the night dancing with only one shoe on. Here is the destroyed shoe, in case you wanted to seeee:
Look how sad I am! Aha. This is all that is left of my beloved spiked black flats :'(

Now I have the issue of only having boots and brown flats, which is a massive issue because I LIVE in my black flats, and I loved them :( However I have now realised how many lovely black flats there are at the moment on the internet! So I thought I would share with you my top ten that I have found, and you could maybe help me choose which ones to purchase! :D So here are my Top Ten Casual Black Flats!

Not all strictly black, but dark enough with enough black detailing to count ^_^

From Office:
1). Macho lace up navy patent suede, £45: These smart 'proper' shoes are beautiful! I love the mixed textures, and the Navy tones. These shoes are technically from the 'androgynous' trend, but, as a pair of nice smart day-time shoes, they would just as well with a pretty winter floral dress with thick tights! 
2). Eclipse 2 buckle black pu black croc, £50: Similar to the first pair, these are also 'proper' shoes! Although these shoes I think are more from the current Gothic trend. I personally love buckles at the moment, and the crocodile panel over the top of the foot makes these shoes look very well made, and a bit different. 

From New Look:
3). Black Pointed Brogues, £17.99, £13.49: Not everyone likes pointy shoes, but I must admit I am rather partial myself! These shoes are plain, and would therefore go with anything, but I feel that the pointed toe gives them a little something extra.
4). Purple Cosmic Print Lace Up Trainers, £9.99, £7.49: I must admit that trainers are not the kind of shoe that I usually wear, but at the moment I am lusting after a pair of plain white lo-top Converse! Anyway, I have never seen cosmic print trainers before! I think they are nice subtle way to incorporate galaxy print into an outfit, as opposed to the standard galaxy print leggings that are everywhere at the moment (which I do rather like as well!). I would probably wear these with a really plain outfit, like a loose long black top and leggings or tights. With this kind of 'statement shoe' I find subtlety is key!

From Topshop:
5). Maveriq Tartan Stud Slippers, £32: I am a sucker for a studded shoe, the aforementioned broken shoes being my second pair!! I doooo like tartan, and I think this is actually quite a subtle tartan as well! This would be a good replacement as it is sticking to the M.O. of a studded slipper style shoe, but being patterned is a bit new and different! ... However they may not go with everything, which black does....
6). Mouse Patent Toe Cap Slip Ons, £30: I am not really sure what colour these shoes are! I think they are a dusky teal with a black cap toe. These shoes are pretty standard flats, but the two tone, pointy toe and toe cap make these shoes stand out to me as a nice take on a classic flat.
7). Maths Black Leather Brogues, £30: I have always anted a pair of brogues, and these are a very nice, and surprisingly inexpensive pair! I also love how they are matte black as opposed to patent. These are deffo at the top end of my top ten :P

From River Island:
8). Black Studded Slipper Shoes, £28: These would also be good clean replacement shoes, as they are also slipper-style, black and studded. Also the mini heel, black studding and focus of the studs just over the toes make them different from my original pair. These are very subtle, and I really like these!
9). Black Quilted Flatform Shoes, £25: These are a very nice pair of flatforms methinks! I love the quilting! Also the metal heel makes them a lil bit special. 
10). Black Snake Studded Slipper Shoes, £45: Personally, I find these shoes EPIC! Not only are they snakeskin, but they are studded! Not only are they studded, but the studs are excessively spiky! ahaha! I do love them, but I do worry about the practicality of them. Saying that, I really like the actual shape of the shoe. They are like a 'proper shoe' take on slipper-style shoes! They look well made and like they will last as well; but for £45 you would hope so! 

Which one is your favourite? I think I like numbers 1, 3, 7 & 8 the best! :D Please comment and share your thoughts, and don't forget to follow meeeee, thank yoooooouu xxx

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