Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Primark Haul! (And A lil bit of River Island too)

I recently found out that due to a lack of available equipment, the novice girls' crew for my University Boat Club had to be cut down to 16, and I, unfortunately, didn't make the cut. Very sad times indeed. However, it does give me more time to focus on this blog! Hooray! I also went and splurged over the following days and week on winter essentials, and also nice things that I wanted in order to cheer myself up. I mainly went to Primark, as I don't understand why I would pay £15 to £25 on a bobble hat in, let's say Topshop, when they only cost £3 - £5 in Primark, and do the exact same job! I also bought a few bits and bobs from River Island online, as I needed new jeans, and I don't like paying the P&P on only one item of clothing :) #studentliving hahaha. Anyway, here is what I bought:

From Primark: 

Snood - I have long wanted a snood, and the current freezing weather was prime time to get one! I chose this one because the rich navy blue will go with everything and the soft and subtle navy sparkle running through the knit gives it an extra something. It is incredibly arm and snug and I love it. Also I believe it was only £5! What a bargain!

Grey Bobble Hat - Classic grey bobble hat with hanging pom-poms! Can't go wrong! This goes with everything and is very simple and I want to wear it when it is snowing!

Red Bobble Hat - Even though this is only a standard red bobble hat, I think this is my favourite purchase from this haul, and I wear it almost every day. It is sooo so snug and warm, I love the colour, it works really well at dressing down a less casual outfit, and all in all I love it and love wearing it.

Nude Studded Boots - I was watching a Primark haul by the blogger Zoe from Zoella and she had bought these boots in black, and I really liked them. I have been looking for some little heeled boots for these seasons for a while, and they only cost £18, so I thought I would at least try them on. I am so glad I did because they are soo comfy! They have a 'squishy' padded sole and are just a pleasure to wear. They also (in my opinion) look really lovely and a bit different, and I am pleasantly surprised at their quality considering their price. Only downside is that on wearing them out for the first time they creased over the top of the foot, which makes them look a bit messy in my opinion; but I actually don't really mind too much!

Black Studded Heeled Boots - When I realised they had run out of the other shoes in black I started considering other similar black heeled boots with studding on them, and at only £18 again, these fitted the role perfectly, and will do me well on nights out and for dinners and drinks etc.

Festive Thermal Socks - Who can resist buying a pair of festive and thick winter socks, ey?! hahaha

Collared Jumper - I spotted this as I was heading to the till and could not resist! This is such a classic jumper in a lovely autumnal colour, but the collar makes it simple yet stylish. Whilst I have simplified my style recently, I am still a bit against completely plain or simple outfits and therefore this collared jumper is perfect for me! A great find, I'd say ahaha.

From River Island:

Jeans - I am not really a 'jeans person', however I do concede that having one pair of jeans on the go is kind of a necessary part of life, therefore the only reason I bought new jeans as because my old ones started tearing all over. I had been looking for ages when I found these ones. I really like how pale they are, as even though it is heading towards Winter now, I feel that they lift an outfit, if that makes sense! Anyway, they are super soft, super comfortable, they fit perfectly and at £30 (I think!) they are also super affordable.

Turban Headband - How lovely is this?! Red velvet, with a gold and burgundy brooch in the centre: I am in love with it! I wear this during the day to spice up a casual outfit, perhaps my new jeans, a baggy plain white t-shirt, leather jacket and boots.

Black Velvet Skater Skirt - I have long loved velvet, and skater-style skirts and dresses are the style that suit my body shape best, therefore this is a great addition to my wardrobe 'staples'. I can't wait to wear this with a simple white shirt, cropped jumper, leather jacket, black tights and boots, for a day-time look, or with a patterned crop top, studded waist belt and heels at night!

So there you have it! I am really pleased with these purchases, I hope you liked them too! Also if it showed you some of the current Primark stock, and inspired you to go check it out that is also cool. Okay, byeee xxx


  1. those black studded boots are so pretty ! love them !

    xx Liyana

    1. Thanks! I bought them on such a whim, but I'm so glad that I did :P xxx