Wednesday, 16 January 2013

No7 'Beautiful Skin' for Dry/ Very Dry Skin: Product Review

No7 Beautiful Skin for Dry/ Very Dry skin: Cleansing Balm £9 // Day Cream £12.50
No7 is one of those brands that I have forever ignored. I think this is mainly because it is essentially a 'Boots own brand', but is not cheap, and the money off tokens that you often get at the checkout don't lead to free products, and this annoyed me. Silly me indeed!

However I recently made the decision to switch up my skincare routine, as I had grown to hate my moisturizer, and buying 2 packs of face wipes a month was starting to seem excessive. I also knew there was a cleansing world beyond all-in-one face wipes, and felt it was time to explore! Therefore when perusing the skincare aisles in boots I kept being drawn to these products. Specifically because it claims to be made specifically for dry/ very dry skin, which is a skin type that is often ignored by skincare brands.

I picked up the cleansing balm a few weeks ago and fell in love, it applies like a moisturizer and quickly dissolves all makeup, which you then wipe off. I also love the fact that it leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished, as if I have applied a moisturizer! Therefore, as I knew that I desperately wanted to replace my moisturizer I decided to try out the day cream of the same range, which retails at £12.50, but, having a sudden fit of savvy-ness, I got for £7 because of a £5 off No7 skincare voucher I had got when I bought the original cleansing balm! Yay me ahaha.

The day cream is very thick, but doesn't feel heavy on my skin, which just drinks it up. There is no greasy residue and my skin feels super soft and nourished, and sort of 'plumped up'. The main description for the range is making your skin behave like normal skin, and I can honestly say I totally get that from using these two products together. My usually difficult skin feels completely normal, and I put that down to these products! They also have a night cream in the range, which I may test out in the future, but for the moment I am happy just using these :)

Have you tried any of the No7 Skincare products? The 'Beautiful Skin' range has specific products for all kinds of skin -type, and I am sure they are just as good. I am starting to think I should test out some of their makeup, as I think it is probably very high quality!

This is the moisturizer that I used in my Every Day Makeup for Pale Skin video. If you haven't already checked it out, please do, and don't forget to like and subscribe! Thank you for reading x

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