Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mac Fix+ // Review

Mac Fix+ : £13.50
 for 100ml 
Mac Fix+ is a product which I had been lusting over for literal months, to the extent that when my birthday rolled around at the end of January, my gorgeous housemate knew exactly what to get me! 'Fix+' as a name is misleading as this is certainly not a fixing spray, or a sort of 'hairspray-for-the-face' product. What is is, is a "skin refresher/ finishing mist". This means that when you spray it on a clean face your skin feels refreshed and if you spritz it over makeup your makeup appears to sit better on your face, and look overall better applied.

What I love about this product is how it really helps to create really dewy skin, whilst making your skin feel fresh and not at all weighed down with products. It also smells lovely, light and fresh, and it feels beautiful on bare skin. I cannot claim that it makes your makeup last any longer than it would do without it, but it does boost your makeup and finish it off wonderfully. Overall I have been loving this over the past 2 months, and would thoroughly recommend it, as it is a real makeup-pick-me-up product!

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