Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara // Review

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know that the one thing I always wear (makeup wise) is mascara, and I have accumulated a fair few in my time! One might say I am a mascara connoisseur. Maybe. Anyway, I bought the newest mascara release from Rimmel, the Lash Accelerator Endless, as soon as I could having heard rave reviews from various bloggers who were lucky enough to sample it pre-release. However, me being the total numpty that I am dropped it on the Durham Uni Night Bus and I believed it lost to me, after only owning it for about a week.

Luckily for me though the lovely people over at Rimmel ran a Twitter competition to win one of these mascaras, and having previous knowledge of the amazingness of the mascara I entered the first day, and won! Yay! :D So thank the Lord I have the mascara again, and am able to give you guys a full (and glowing) review of it!

So what do I think? Well in short I am a massive fan! This mascara is a godsend if you want exaggerated, long and fluttery lashes. My lashes are well defined and separated, but most of all the length is incredible. I usually wear this on its own, but I can really see it working wonders layered underneath a volumising or curling mascara. That would just be epic lashes! Apparently this has a 'Grow Lash Complex + Fibres' which means it is meant to physically add length to your natural lashes. Whilst I am not 100% sure of the validity of that statement in the long run, as you wear it it certainly does emphasis and exaggerate your lashes so that they look long and perfected. Overall a great mascara that has worked it's way firmly into my top 3 ever!

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