Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Garnier Olia oil-Powered Hair Dye // Review

My new hair colour the day after application
I get very bored of my hair colour very quickly and I love nothing more than switching it up. And I've done it all - bright red, dodgy highlights, ginger dip dye, normal dip dye, blonde etc etc. But recently I have been sticking to my natural brown, albeit with blonde tips. Buuuut recently my natural colour has been fading and I have started to find far too many white hairs for my liking.

Enter the box dye!

I decided to go slightly darker, and this Iced Chocolate colour (4.15) spoke to me. I chose Olia because it claims to be "powered by oils" and this hopefully means it is as good for my hair as hair dye can be. Also Olia was on offer.

Inside the box you get all the standard hair dye things like developer and after-dye conditioner, but you also get this really intriguing looking applicator bottle which has a long thin nip for both applying the dye and separating hair. It's a really cool design which made the application super easy.
The only downside of the application is that I could have done with a little bit more product because I have super thick, longish hair. But that's not really the fault of the product!

The colour I have been left with is shiny, vibrant and even. It also looks super natural. It's not a massive change from what I had before, but it has evened out my fading colour, covered the blonde tips and made my hair darker, so all in all I am a very happy chappy!

Have you tried the Olia hair dye kit? Are you a fan? Or are you more of a fan of another brand? Tell me below in the comments, let's start a conversation!

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