Thursday, 4 September 2014

Tanning for Pale Skin #1: St Tropez - Classic Bronzing Mousse vs Dark Bronzing Spray

When it comes to tanning I am admittedly a bit of a n00b as for years I thought my skin was too pale and too dry to even bother trying to fake tan. I thought I was always going to come out orange, streaky and patchy, so I thought I might as well resign myself to never being beautifully bronzed. In the recent years however, I have been dabbling in fake tan, and this year especially I have started to find my stride in application and tan care, and have really started enjoying getting my tan on!

St Tropez very kindly sent me their classic bronzing mousse to give a whirl, and I admit I was nervous, as I figured the mousse would dry out my skin. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that it really didn't, and my skin feels super silky after using it! The application was so smooth and easy and it didn't even smell when I first slapped it on. The next morning the tell-tale fake tan scent had appeared and the tanning-marker looked horrendous - but after a quick shower the smell was pretty much all gone and I was left with a (mostly) even glow.

Overall I like this tan and I will continue to use it, although in comparison to the colour that St Tropez's Dark Bronzing Spray gives you, I am ever so slightly disappointed. The dark tan has more olive-y undertones, whereas the classic bronzing mousse has a very slight orange hue to it, and in my opinion the dark tan looks much deeper and more natural. The only issue I have with the spray is I need someone else to help me apply it and sometimes it is easy to miss little sections which can make your tan look patchy. That is literally the only issue however, 'cos I love this self-tan, it is my absolute favourite!

Overall I think if I could combine these two tanners from St Tropez I would have the perfect tan, and will therefore be trying the Dark Bronzing Mousse asap! I do throughly recommend both tans, but I think for paler people the dark tan range is the way to go! (as converse as that sounds haha)

Have you tried any St Tropez tans? What do you think of them? Are there any other brands you love and think I should try? Tell me in the comments, let's start a conversation!

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