Monday, 12 December 2011

Clothes Show Live!

 I was lucky enough to go to the Birmingham Clothes Show Live this week, and it was pretty awesome. Yes, there was loads of tacky emphasis on The Only Way is Essex and Hollyoaks, but the actual shopping there was incredible. In the mahoosive Birmingham NEC centre there must have been well over 500 stalls, selling samples at wholesale prices. It was unbelievably good value. I had such a good time, and after 4 solid hours scouring every stand I fancied, I retired next to the Coca Cola runway and watched fashion shows from Coca Cola, (surprisingly good), New Look, (god awful), and local Colleges and Universities, which was awesome! Then there was the main event; a conglomeration of runway, music and dance. There was too much emphasis on the dancers, and not enough runway, which is what I had been excited to see, but still a spectacular show. So onto what I actually bought!

Your Eyes Lie crop top. In love. 

Velvet leggings for £5. My best buy of the day :)

Enough makeup to last me until I am 25!
I also bought a vintage looking, cream watch-bracelet, which was only £2. Bargain! Also a couple of presents were bought, I wish I could post them, but of course I cannot risk it! ahaha.
Anyway I had a truly wonderful day, and I will definitely return next year. Though maybe I will spend less than the entire day there, as I managed to spend all my money in 4 hours. And that is just depressing.

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  1. All your money in 4hours Lilly, that's pretty good going!