Friday, 9 December 2011

I am not a fan.

There is no reason why I should not love the newest winter trend. Fur Gilets. I adore fur, I have more faux fur in my wardrobe than really is necessary. I love how glamorous it can look. Or how rock and roll (if teamed with leather or velvet or something metallic. It is soft, luxe and beautiful.
I also love gilets, and am the recent new owner of a a&f Alexa gilet for the tres froid Nottingham winter.
But faux fur gilets? I just don't get them, I don't like them, and I actually can't fathom their appeal.
Especially the coloured ones...
I was reading Company magazine, and there was a entire page on faux fur... and there was Cheryl Cole, an outdated celebrity as it is, in a white yeti gilet. Not attractive.
Anyway, here are some examples of what have been heralded as 'on trend' style, and you can see for yourself if they appeal:

Kim K
Chery Cole.

Nicola Roberts

By far the best is the way Nicola Roberts is wearing hers, but then again, her style is the best out of these 3 anyway. But yeah, I cannot abide them: one trend I will NOT be partaking in. No matter how illogical my dislike for them is.

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