Thursday, 24 November 2011

Perfect tippie-toes

Today whilst perusing the internet, I came across Rachel Bilson's new shoe range, Shoe Mint (click here if you want to sign up and get exclusive pre-launch deals!)  For a celebrity fashion range, the pre-releases make me convinced this is going to be an awesome range! Also for about £50 per shoe and free delivery, this could soon be my new favourite shoe shop.
The début collection consists of 3 styles each in 2 colours. These are my favourite variants of these designs, and honestly I simply adore all of them!
The Edith in Blush Suede
The Jolly in Leopard Pony
The Pauline in Wine Suede

To see the other variations click the link above.
In other news I have created a account, but seeing as I don't have camera will probably not be posting any looks in the near future :( Anyway I am off to get ready for Hailey's birthday party, which should be awesome!!