Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Love, Life and Liberty!

am in love. Not with a man, but with the Hello Kitty and Liberty collaboration. I think it encapsulates the beauty, individualism and elegance of Liberty of London, whilst adding a spark of kitsch-ness and a bit of well designed fun in the form of Hello Kitty.

So excited was I by this venture that following a text from a fellow Hello Kitty lover, I rushed to Boots to purchase a jewellery box in one of these prints. (This is the link to the box:

In other news I finally got around to exchanging a dress I bought from H&M online for Halloween that was delivered way to late to use. Instead I bought a gorgeous black velvet dress with black mesh cape sleeves. It is truly amazing, and only £9.99! I can't find a link on the website at the moment, as I am pretty sure the Versace x H&M collection will have clogged up the website. I am planning to wear the dress to my flatmates birthday party on Thursday, which is something I am really excited about as I feel a proper night out is in order.

I guess I should briefly mention the Versace and H&M collection, as it is THE big news in fashion at the moment. However I am not completely taken by it as everyone else seems to be. It is still overpriced, it contains all the gaudiness of Versace that one would expect, but it is still not as 'avant-garde' as I would have loved. Nevertheless there are some stand out pieces in my opinion.
£79.99. I love this dress for its simplicity, and its simultaneous embracing of both the Fetish and Feminine looks of this season
£149.99. This dress would be the perfect Christmas and New Year's Dress if it wasn't so expensive! The colour is stunning, and the style seems flattering. Also I love the Grecian styling on the arm. It also would have been perfect for a 1920's themed Boat Cruise I went on last week... alas a student budget...
£69.99. For the final item I was torn between this and a bag, but the sculpturing on this bustier won it for me. I also wanted to chose something a bit more 'Versace-esque' for the last piece because I was more attracted to the plainer pieces, which is sort of beyond the point. This is good because of the formation of it and the pop of blues and oranges against the black. I am also a sucker for bustiers.

So on a final note, I would just like to express my sorrow for the end of yet another amazing series of Made In Chelsea. The finale party (which I think they disguised as Francis and Mark Francis' dual Birthday bash) was dramatic, brilliant and more importantly filled with gorgeous 1920s fashion. I particularly like Caggie and Millie's costumes, which were sparkly and divinely twenties. Lots of Love xxx
Couldn't find a picture of either Caggie or Millie, but I also
am in love with Cheska and Rosie's feathers!
This was our attempt! The feathers and glitz were still there, but
lack of funds meant a much less literal approach!
We still looked banging though ;)

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