Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A rename and a reshape

Me with my friends Annie and Camilla in Loughborough for Halloween!

Everything in my life has changed, I now live in Nottingham, am at University and am Single :)
I really want to keep this blog active, but bear with me I am quite a flaky character!

At the moment I am in love with all things internet shopping! Yes, I am a student, and yes I have no money, but long hours in my room with nothing but boredom (despite epic student socialising they never tell you about this time :P ) looking on the internet at clothes I can no longer afford is severely depressing! Nonetheless, I though I would share with you what is on my wish list!
Crosses Tiara, Topshop
The American Apparel Disco Pant!
Topshop Velvet Tunic
Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform
 boot in Python,
Falling star dress,
Cream laced leather jacket,

Spirit Hood in Grizzly Bear,
I am also on the hunt for the perfect glitter heels for Christmas and New Year...
The Topshop Approach:£62
There are some really nice ones all over the place, Primark, New look, Topshop, but I just can't choose between them...:
The Primark Version: £18

The New Look Edition: £24.99,
Also comes in a brilliant gold

is it bad that I want them all???

Anyway, there are many many many things more that I am lusting after atm, but these are just a mere selection ;) 
Lots of Love x

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