Friday, 27 January 2012

All About Accessories

I have a new, ardent desire for accessories. I think I took my 75% discount at Accessorize for granted. Anyway, my favourite new (ish) type of jewellery is the ear cuff. I personally first came across this at the Clothes Show Live at the Regent Rose stall.  This has sparked two new loves: both of ear cuffs and Regal Rose.
I think ear cuffs appeal because they are little bit different to normal earrings, which I don't tend to wear very often. I also like the idea that they can be incorporated into your hairstyle and serve as both jewellery and hair accessories!
Here are a few of my favourite's from the internet:

Regal Rose also has loads of other "different" styles of jewellery which are really cool and eclectic. They are also reasonably priced! Here are a select few which are on my lust-list.
Grace. Vintage Cross Slave Bracelet. £12
Lena. Huge Copper Gladiator Cuff. £20 - £16
Minya. Geometric Armlet. £21
Peta. Feather Ring. £12
Nara. Feather Hair Wrap. £9
The Mod Collar. £15 - £12
Padma. Feather Armlet. £20
Maori. Delicate Filigree Hand Armour. £9

That's all for today, but there won't be such a long gap between posts in the future, back to Uni tomorrow!

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