Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hair Oils: Love// Like// Hate

Moroccanoil: £30.45 // Mythic Oil: £13.95 // Coconut Milk: £5.99

Okay, so hair oils have been floating around the beauty world for about a year or so now, and if you have't already worked them into your general hair-care routine, do so now! They will revolutionize your life, trust me.

I have naturally very thick, wild and frizzy hair, which I have also damaged a hell of a lot over the years from bleaching, dying, heat styling and backcombing, and using Moroccanoil has made the most difference to the manageability of my hair. I first bought this last year, and instantly fell in love. The oil smooths onto the hair easily, with a few pumps covering my entire head. It absorbs fairly quickly and smells lovely! The main advantage that I have found is that it eradicates frizz, defines my natural curls and makes my hair look a whole lot healthier. Also it can be used as a treatment, so you know that it is helping to heal at the same time as all those other lovely benefits! After trying (and for the most part failing) to find a cheaper alternative that is just as good, I recently repurchased, and whilst it is a little expensive, I believe you can't afford not to have it, and I will definitely be repurchasing 'till kingdom come! I really think you do get what you pay for here :)

On the cheaper side, is a product that I have liked a lot over the past few months, but just isn't quite as good as Moroccanoil. L'Oreal Professionel's Mythic Oil has more of a serum consistency, and does do much of the same job, except to a lower standard. Judging it without trying to compare it, I would say that it is a very good hair product for after-shower hair prep. However when it comes to maintaining my hair, it isn't amazing and starts to leave a greasy looking residue. I have used most of the bottle though, and for the price I do think it is a very lovely product!

Okay so Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk is technically an 'anti-breakage serum' not oil, but it lists, very overtly, the inclusion of coconut oil in the formula, and this is why I have put is next to these two 'genuine' oils. First up I would like to comment that the smell of this is divine, and I will keep the product purely for if I want to maybe put the tiniest amount on the ends of my hair just to smell it. Apart from the smell however, I hate this product. The consistency is definitely serum standard, but even for a serum is uber sticky and a little doesn't go very far, as opposed to my beloved Aussie serums. As soon as you put it in your hair it looks greasy, weighed down and lank. It feels like it is not doing anything to help 'nourish your hair', as it claims to do. I would really not recommend this serum / oil / hair product whatever you want to call it! I bought it blind, which is something I never normally do, as I usually am a slave to reading reviews, but I love coconut oil (I used to plaster pure coconut oil on my hair during the height of it's damage) and the brand really caught my eye. I am severely disappointed in this product and shan't buy any more of Organix's products  unless I hear some fantabulous reviews!

All in all I would recommend Moroccanoil and Mythic Oil, and the range in price there means that depending on funds, I will be repurchasing both :)

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