Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Guide to Mascara

Rimmel London Max Bold Curves: £6.69 // Rimmel London Sexy Curves: £8.19 // Benefit They're Real: £18.50 // 17 Wild Curls: £6.29
Today I am going to give you my run-down on my favourite Mascara's and my top tips on choosing the right one for you! I know that a lot of people don't really pay that much attention to mascara, as they feel that they all do the same thing, and just make your eyelashes a different colour (usually black). I however am a massive mascara addict and over the years I have accumulated a fair few, and would like to share with you what I have learnt from my over-consumption, and my personal favourite mascaras!

So I am going to begin by telling you what I look for in a mascara: I go for drama, volume and curve. I also generally look for something 'special' about the mascara wand, as the shape and layout of the... pointy bits... (really, what are those bits on the wand called?! ahaha) are a massive factor in the mascara's performance. I personally don't have a preference over bristles or plastic wands. However my favourite mascaras tend to all have the 'pointy bits' all placed closed together. Formula wise I like mascara to be really gooey, as I feel this coats the lashes more effectively and creates a much more dramatic look. I should tell you that I don't really go for the natural look with my eyelashes as they are naturally long and therefore 'subtle' mascara just looks odd on me!

My all-time favourite mascara (which, if you have been watching my videos, will come as no surprise) is the 17 Wild Curls mascara. I got this free at Fresher's Fair this year and am so glad I did. The wand is very soft and  has 'wildly' placed pointy bits. This creates a really lovely fluttery effect. The mascara is also really build-able so during the day I wear it more pared-down (for me) and then if I wear it to go out it can be used to create a really dramatically fluttery eye.

Next I want to tell you about the Benefit They're Real mascara. This mascara is fairly expensive, but when I first bought I believed it was worth every penny. The formula was really thick and smooth and the bristles (that's the word I have been looking for!! Wooop! haha) are densely packed, long and thin which means they work really well at defining the lashes, whilst the spiky nib on the end means you can push your lashes up to create the most dramatic eye imaginable. A beautiful product. However, for me this product does not last well at all, and it pains me to admit it! The formula dries out super fast, and the bristles become dry and scratchy when they are no longer 'lubricated' by the liquid. A total fail. However, I would consider repurchasing the small travel sized bottles, as I think they would run out before the opportunity to dry out strikes, and therefore I would have all the super-fabulousness of the product without the eventual disappointment.

Moving on, another fave of mine is the Rimmel London Sexy Curves mascara in brown-black. The bristles on this wand are interesting as they are placed around three lumps, and kind of curve around each lump getting longer and shorter respectively. Apart from fitting into the 'sexy curves' aesthetic, I am, to be honest, not quite sure of the purpose of this, but the effect is lovely. I feel that this mascara accentuates the curve of your lashes, and actually the formula of this one is by far my favourite. It is really thick and works wonders on coating every lash. I have it in brown-black which is really nice because the formula is so dramatic, yet the colour makes it suitable for both daytime and night.

Finally, again by Rimmel London, the Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves mascara is great for everyday drama. Ever since I tried Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara I have been a huge fan of big brush mascaras, and this promises to be Rimmel's 'Biggest Curve Ever'. It doesn't disappoint either with a massive, completely curved brush. When I first tried it, however, I was disappointed, as the large brush seemed completely wasted because the curve cancelled out the size, and hence the finish was a whole lot more subtle than I expected. However since then I have grown to appreciate that this mascara is unique (from my experience) at giving lashes full coverage, curving the lashes and making eyelashes stand out, whilst keeping a certain level of subtlety which works extremely well with a neutral eye and stand out lip during the day. I personally love this mascara for days when I don't wear eyeliner, as my lashes are able to stand out against my eye without over powering them.

So there you go! My favourite mascaras with their pros and cons :) What are you favourite ones? I am always on the look out to try new and exciting mascaras, and are definitely something I don't mind parting with my money on!

Thank you very much for reading, sorry for the long post! I hope it has been useful though :P Don't forget to click 'follow this site' to stay up to date :D 

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