Friday, 8 February 2013

10 Haircare Tips // Dry, Damaged, Thick & Curly

I have been locked in battle with my hair for the past 20 years: it is ridiculously thick, curly and since I began messing around with colour (let alone straightening, backcombing etc) it has become seriously dry and damaged. So I thought I would just ramble at my camera for 10 minutes or so and talk you through a few of my 'tips' that I have discovered and developed over my many years of searching for a way to better my hair. Indeed over the past 6 months or so I have drastically increased the manageability of my hair, as well as improving the condition, look and feel of it, so I thought it was worth sharing. This is what works for me at the moment, but my hair-care routine is always open to new wonder products! There are still many issues that I have with my hair, that I am constantly striving to fix, so if anyone knows of any other tips, tricks or products that I haven't mentioned, please comment below :D

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