Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Doll'd Up Mascara by Seventeen // Review

I bought this Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara last week and have only just tried it out and I am very impressed. So impressed in fact that my review has been brought forward a few days, as I just couldn't wait much longer to share! This is the new mascara brought out recently by seventeen: a brand which is at the moment going from strength to strength. I love the packaging, and I adored the Wild Curls mascara by the brand so, as I tend to strive for a doll-like eye, I simply couldn't resist. Especially as it was on offer for £5.29 (RRP £6.29) and came with a free Doll'd Up 3-way liquid eyeliner. (I am yet to try the eyeliner, but will inform you of my thoughts when I do!)

The brush itself is curved on one side and straight on the reverse, and this works amazingly at reaching the innermost parts of your lashes whilst the curve really does seem to curl the lashes! The formula seems quite soft, which means that you can really build this mascara up from having a natural yet defined look to having incredible doll-like lashes. Another thing that I love about this mascara is how well the shape of the brush works on the lower lash-line, which is obviously notoriously difficult to get right!

All in all this mascara does what it says on the packet, and creates lovely doll-like eyelashes :D I am excited about trying more of Seventeen's Spring collection, as they are fast becoming one of my favourite 'drug store' brands.

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