Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Rimmel London Apocalips // Review

Apocalips: £5.99 // Galaxy, Apocaliptic, Luna

So a while back I picked up these three colours of the 'Apocalips' range in boots when they were on offer, because I am in a makeup rut at the moment, and fancied a change. Normally being a matte lipstick girl, I thought delving into the realms of lip-gloss may be suitably exciting. This range is a lip lacquer, as opposed to a lip-gloss, and I gather that means they are more of a liquid, shiny lipstick as opposed to the sticky sheen of a gloss. They have a wand-style applicator which is slightly curved, and this means it is really easy to apply accurately and without mistakes, which is always a win if you are like me and a little bit clumsy :)

I picked up: Galaxy: a deep plum, Luna: a peach, and Apocaliptic: a bright pink. I wanted to get Eclipse, a nude, but alas there were none left on the counter so I went for the pink as pink lips are a new obsession of mine. I love the whole theme of this range, and the names are really cool. The quality is superb, they are really soft and creamy without being sticky at all, which is why I usually avoid lip-glosses.  Also they are super super pigmented, and a little goes a long way. I initially thought I would have to wear these over a lipstick, but that is not the case at all, and they really hold their own on a bare lip. I would thoroughly recommend them and will definitely be purchasing more colours myself!

On a side note, apologies for the swatch pictures, I am still ill and this is the best I can manage :( However, because I am so in love with these I am sure I will be using them in OOTDs/ tutorials/ etc. soon so keep a look out and I will be sure to signpost when they are in action! hahaha Thank you so much for reading, please click 'join this site' to keep up-to-date :D x

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