Monday, 4 February 2013

My January Favourites!

Charles Worthington  Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer: £14.99 // Mac Studio Sculpt: £24 // L'Oreal LumiMagique Pure Light Primer: £9.99 // Mac eyeshadow in Wedge: £12 // Brow zings by Benefit: £22.50 // Real Techniques Buffing Brush: (from the collections) £21.99
Where has January gone?! Between exams and essays and my birthday the whole month has just flown by! Anyway this month I have been loving a few things, and I just couldn't go another month without sharing :D Also the videos, makeup tutorials and makeup reviews that I have lined up will have to wait as I have become ill and therefore can't film myself or test out any new makeup. Sad times for all. But never fear here are the lovely products that I have been in love with this past month!

First up is a haircare product, the Charles Worthington Secrets Collection, Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer. Wow that's a mouthful! The product is an overnight hair mask which you just smother all over your hair, and when you wash it out in the morning you hair feels fabulous! Seriously, after using it the first time I was sold, as my hair feels plumped up, less damaged and smoother. I haven't come across any other products like this, and it is the first hair mask that I genuinely feel is doing what it says it does. I cannot rave about this product enough!

Moving onto makeup, there are a few products that I have worn pretty much everyday of this month. First up: Brow Zings by benefit. This is a eyebrow kit with a wax and a setting powder. You can use the wax to shape your eyebrow, and then fill them in with the setting powder which, if used sparingly can create a really soft and natural look. I do feel that I can sometimes be a little heavy handed with my eyebrows and don't really suit a scouse brow, but that is all trial and error. This kit is just really handy and the product works really well.

Next up I have been loving wearing the L'Oreal LumiMagique Pure Light Primer under Mac Studio Sculpt. The foundation is a godsend in itself as it is really good for dry skin, as it doesn't cling to dry patches and the colour match is perfect! It also leave a dewy finish, which is what I go for. This is where LumiMagique comes in. I have read a lot of people on the internet complaining that it is a highlighter not a primer, but if you want a radiant finish, use this. When worn under a dewy finish foundation it gives you a lovely radiant look without being shiny or iridescent, like it would be if you were wearing a highlighter. I have definitely worn this combo almost everyday this month, and a radiant face throughout the horrid weather of January was the perfect way to beat the blues :P Still in the sort of foundation realms, my next monthly favourite is my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Words cannot explain how much this has revolutionized my makeup life. This brush is, as a brush, fantastic, it is soft, reasonably-priced, and sturdy. But by using it to buff my foundation in, my skin has never looked so good! I thoroughly recommend as it makes my foundation flawless and natural looking.

And so finally let me tell you about Mac eyeshadow in Wedge. This is a soft, matte, muted grey-toned brown. It is epic for contouring, and that is how I have been using it this month. I love to contour my eyes as I think it defines eyes and makes cat-eyeliner (my go to look) pop. The colour is subtle but buildable, and the formula is looovely: super pigmented, soft, and a little definitely goes a long way. This is an all round perfect colour to have in my collection, and I have been loving it!

So there you have it! My monthly favourites for January. I do think I will be doing this every month, however how quickly each month goes is going to scare me haha. Thank you for reading!

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