Saturday, 24 November 2012

ISWAI by Caggie Dunlop

       So I have been aware that Caggie (of Made in Chelsea fame) has been developing a clothing line for a while, as I follow her on twitter and she has been tweeting about it. However, despite my interest, have never looked into the actual brand: until today! I read an article about it and really liked the look of it! I wanted to write that I was pleasantly surprised (she is after all a reality TV star), however I wasn't because I always loved her style and when she was on the show she seemed really genuine and, dare I say it, cool!

     Caggie described her style as "dishevelled chic, but mostly dishevelled", which is, in my opinion, a near-perfect way of describing both her style and her collection with ISWAI. I also personally love that idea, of being dishevlled chic, and may try to emulate that more in the future ;)

      The collection ranges from £19.99 to £120, so is fairly pricey, but the designs are quirky, cool and wearable and match up to labels such as Tee and Cake, Your Eyes Lie or Illustrated People, which run at similar prices. The jewelry also has a very Rock N Rose feel to it, which is one of my favourite jewelry brands! Anyway, here are my favourite pieces, enjoy: 

1). Da Vinci // 2). Rebellion // 3). Envelope Bag Coral/ Dark Rose // 4). Chain Ring // 5). ISWAI Logo Vest // 6). Amethyst Necklace with Bail - Gold // 7). Agate Necklace - Silver // 8). Agate Necklace with Bail - Gold // 9). Cross Layered Necklace

      Which is your favourite piece? Out of all of these I think my fave is the envelope bag! I am a sucker for them, and I think the handwritten quote is really cute! How do you think Caggie's collection fares against brands like Rock N' Rose and Your Eyes Lie? Personally I think ISWAI has a lot of potential, and I would love to get my hands on some of these items and test them out :P #Christmas hahaha.

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