Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mini Make-up Haul

          Over the past few weeks I have accumulated a few new pieces of make-up that I thought I would share with you lovely lot! I personally go through phases where all my disposable money goes on either clothes, hair products or makeup, and I think I am hurtling into a makeup phase right about now! This all started when I was looking at my Boots Advantage points and realized I had enough to buy not one, but TWO lipsticks which were also on offer! I could NOT ignore this sign from a higher being, and thus this mini make-up haul began!

        So first up I bought these two lipsticks from using my Advantage points! There was a buy one get one half price deal on (which I think is still on!) and so together they came to around £8.50. 

Model's Own lipstick in Deep Fuchsia: This is a very clean Barbie pink lipstick, with a very creamy formula. I was hoping it would have more blue undertones, but I still really love this lipstick! I don't really wear pink lipsticks as I feel they shrink my lips, but this I think suits me! Application wise, it is highly pigmented and applies really smoothly. It also lasts a very long time as long as you don't eat or drink! ahaha. Overall I love this brand, and would definitely pick up more of their lipsticks, and I also do like the colour a lot, despite it being a little bit more Barbie than I wanted! 

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 26: This is an apricot- peach nude, with a fairly high level of pigmentation. I really like the idea of rocking the nude lip with either a strong eye or with delicate, natural and soft daytime look, and this is a nice addition to my small nude lipstick collection. I chose this colour because of it's orange-y undertones, which I thought might warm up my complexion. I am not 100% sure of how well this suits me when I am not wearing foundation/ bronzer/ blusher, and I haven't yet tried it on a night out. I also think I need to try it using a lip liner as my lips are quite rosy and this lipstick isn't strong enough to completely cover this! All in all though I like the finish and formula, and am hoping I will work out a way to make the colour work with my face! 
      Next up in my mini haul is this nail varnish! I wanted a neutral-grey colour, originally eyeing up Essie, for a sophisticated-ish look. But the Essie counter was quite sparse and I didn't really know what sort of neutral colour I wanted, so instead of jumping in at the deep end, and forking out £7 ish on a colour I wasn't sure about, I opted for the trusty Rimmel stand! 

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Varnish in 500 Caramel Cupcake: Ok, so this is slightly browner than the nail varnish I was searching for, but nonetheless I really am a fan of the colour! It is slightly darker than my skin tone, which is mostly what I wanted, and the brown-ness elongates my fingers. Overall a very classy finish I think! I am also a longtime fan of this particular type of nail varnish, because the square applicator makes it very hard to mess up, it really does dry in 60 seconds, and with 2 coats the finish is opaque and my nails feel strong! An all round good product, that I would thoroughly recommend! 

        So when I went shopping with my friend Hailey to try and find her a birthday dress, I stumbled upon this in Topshop. I tested it out on my hand there and then and fell in love. As you do. However, Hailey is very good at keeping me on track shopping wise, and therefore I didn't buy it. Fast forward one week until the day before her birthday, and still in love, I couldn't resist! So I bought it to wear on her birthday, and I have no regrets, we are still very much in love ;)

Louise Gray for Topshop Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Intensify: A deep electric navy-blue liquid eyeliner with a hint of shine. The Louise Gray for Topshop line has been out for a while, and whilst all the products look very exciting, I didn't really think the colours were very wearable. This however, in my opinion, is. This eyeliner is very easy to apply and lasts FOREVER! It is actually quite hard to remove, but I like that as any creation you make lasts all night long, even in the hottest of clubs. The packaging is also lovely! So unique and pretty! I would definitely recommend this eyeliner, as it is a pretty and dramatic colour, and it is outstanding quality :)
       So these last two purchases were bought from necessity - I promise! My lip balm is pretty much gone, and the last of my bronzer smashed the other day. #sadtimes. Feeling adventurous, I decided not to stick to the same products as before and venture into the unknown realms of Lush and Maybelline.

Lush Lip Balm in Honey Trap: mmmmmm. I think this is my favourite thing I have bought, ever. It tastes fantastic. It smells delicious. And it moisturizes your lips for a really long time! It says it is a "white chocolate balm for vanilla-honey kisses". I am not sure I can taste/ smell the white chocolate, but the scent and flavour of honey is outstanding and there are definite vanilla hints, which is my current favourite thing! On your lips it feels smooth and soft with the subtlest tingle. Mmmm. Yummy. It was slightly on the pricey side though, and the tub is very small. You do only need to use a tiny amount, though, but with my constant desire for it as it is sooo good, I worry I will use it all up soon!! :P

Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzing Powder in 01 Light Bronze: Out of all the products I have bought in this haul, this is the one I am least excited by. I picked it up mainly because it is mid-priced and by a respected brand that I haven't used before, and the colour is very light, which I thought would be perfect for warming up my pale skin slightly. However it isn't very pigmented at all! It is extraordinarily light, which may mean I will be able to build it up nicely, avoiding an orange overload, but as of yet I am not convinced. To be fair, I haven't tried it on a properly made-up face yet, and maybe it will work better on a foundation base. However, at the moment, I wish I had stuck with my 17 bronzer!

    So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post :D Be sure to comment, follow and like on facebook! :D byeee xxx


  1. I love kate moss' lipsticks! The colour you got is amazing.
    Love the nude nail varnish too x

    1. Me too! I am so tempted to buy a whole lot more ahaha x

  2. Really like the Nude Kate lipstick you have, want to add it my collection now! I have the matte 107 and love it :)
    Lovely post
    Daniella x

    1. You definitely should! I really want some of the matte lipsticks! Thank you so much for reading :D x