Saturday, 1 December 2012

Make-up Inspired by Cara Delevingne

Model of the moment Cara Delevingne has had an awesome career so far, most recently being in the Victoria's Secret runway show as a Victoria's Angel, and just the other night winning Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. This girl has strong eyebrows, sharp cheekbones, and an awesome style. So I thought I would pay homage to the girl with the striking eyebrow/cheekbone combo, mess around with some contouring and enhanced eyebrows, and show you a Cara Delevingne inspired make-up look!

Cara has flawless skin, with slight peach/ tan colouring. I have freckles and pink tones to my skin, so this for the base I aimed to completely cover my freckles and warm my complexion with bronzers. Furthermore I don't have defined cheekbones, whereas Cara is of course extremely 'chiseled' ahaha, this is where an attempt at contouring was made! 
- Apply a primer all over your face
- Using a spounge, apply foundation all over paying extra attention to any blemishes: I put extra layers over my freckles!
- Dust a light dusting of bronzer over your whole face using a large brush, with extra emphasis on  your cheeks
- Using a blusher/ powder brush & a darker bronzer, suck in your cheeks and brush into the hollows of your cheeks, using a heavily packed brush 
- Blend this bronzer into face with your fingertips

Cara's most defining and famous features is her eyebrows! The aim here is to accentuate and extend your own eyebrows, in a 'these are full and big naturally' way! I tried hard to avoid a scouse brow, and followed the natural arch of my brows, but curved them in an oval rather than making them pointy or sharp.
- Brush your natural brows up and out using a brow brush 
- Using hard angle brush dipped into a dark brown eyeshadow, brush into your eyebrows in upwards motions: fill in any areas not as full as Cara's
- Dust over a black eyeshadow using same brush for extra definition - this should be very subtle, do NOT over do it! 

In this picture her eyes are smoldering and kinda grungy, and I tried to emulate that by using a lot of grey tones and eye liner to define. 
- Dab concealer over the whole lid to act as a base
- Using a shadow liner brush work a dark grey cream eyeshadow across the eyelid from the crease of the eye round - leave a little of the eyelid next to the lash-line clear. 
- Slightly wing at the outer corners
- Using the 'nib' of this brush, line under the eye, working quite far beneath the lower lash-line 
- Use a fluff shadow brush & a dark grey powder shadow and dust over the lid, blending with your fingers
- Apply extra in the outer corners of eyes
- Using a black gel liner, line the top lash line with a thin line
- Also line the waterline, and into the inner corners of the eye
- Apply mascara, defining all lashes including the lower ones!
- Dab a pale pink highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes

My lips are a lot smaller and 'pouty' than Cara's, so my aim was to elongate them. I also noticed that her lips look quite natural and bare here, so I am using pink tones and a lip stain as opposed to lipstick to keep my lips looking a natural as possible!
- Using a neutral-pink lip liner line your lips slightly longer than your own lips, and fill in
-Use a pale pink lip stain to finish off the look!

The Products I Used:

bareMinerals: Prime Time
Rimmel London: Wake Me Up foundation, 100 Ivory
Benefit: High Beam // Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner, birthday suit
17: Instant Glow, Light Bronze // Wild Curls Mascara, Black
Maybelline New York: Dream Terra Sun, 01 Light Bronze // Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, 01 Black // Color Sensational Lipstain, 150 Tener Rose
Collection 2000: Lasting Perfection Concealer, Fair 1
Bourjois: Levres Contour, 19 Sienna Kiss
*not pictured*
Urban Decay: Twice Baked // Oil Slick
Benefit: Deep Charcoal

The Brushes I Used:

 H&M: Large Brush
Benefit: Shadow Liner // Powder (blusher) // Heard Angle // Fluff Shadow
Maybelline: Gel Liner brush
Rimmel: Brow Brush

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading, and have fun if you give it a go yourself! Do you like Cara's look? I personally think she is soo interesting looking, in a very beautiful and natural way! I also love her style, I may do a post in the future about that :D 



  1. oh my gosh you look incredible!


    1. Thank you ! ^_^ thats so lovely to say! It is the power of makeup right there :P xx

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    1. Thank you so much, that's so sweet of you! :D xx

  3. Your version is so accurate and looks amazing on you.
    Great job!

  4. 12.12.12 7oclock you look stunning