Tuesday, 11 December 2012

bareMinerals 'Prime Time' Foundation Primer: Review

This is the first primer I have ever used, but it has definitely converted me to the world of primers! I bought this from because the winter weather has made my skin very hard to work with when it comes to foundation, as it is very dry and blotchy. I have heard good things about bareMinerals, and have also read somewhere that some of their products are actually actively good for your skin. So I purchased!

Initially I was disappointed  mainly because I think I was thinking it would be a miracle product and could be whacked on under foundation and my face would be perfect. What actually happened was I first used too much and didn't prep my skin with moisturizer  and whilst my foundation did apply easier, it didn't leave my skin with a perfect and flawless finish.

However, when I applied it directly after moisturizing, and only using one pump, I fell in love. My foundation slid on and went further, I had no dryness appearing all day long, and my face stayed put a lot longer than usual! It even passed the 'night out' test, and was fine despite being in a hot club for 5 hours!

All in all I love this primer, but do have to try others out before I can really say that it is great in comparison to others! What is your favourite primer? Do you think they all do the same thing, or are even worth it? I have definitely found that when I am wearing this primer my makeup looks a lot better, and more 'done': if that makes any sense!

Thank you for reading :D

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