Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hot Pink Lips

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I have never been a fan of the pink lip on myself, as I thought it didn't suit me and shrank my lips massively! But then I purchased this Model's Own Lipstick in Deep Fuchsia and really fell in love with the hot pink look!

The formula is uber pigmented and super creamy, and applies really easily. I think the colour is really flattering, for a pink lipstick, and is slightly blue toned which allegedly makes your teeth look whiter, but for me I think it just looks more dramatic with my pale skin more than a yellow based or peach toned pink would.

These photos are before I went to a friend's birthday pre-drinks, and I had quite a neutral base and eye makeup (just a little contouring and brown-grey eyeliner) as I felt that whilst I think this lip colour is great for parties, I don't want to look too Barbie-doll and look overly done up! Especially as I couldn't make it out after the pre-drinks as I have yet another essay deadline coming up :(

Anyway, I am definitely a lipstick girl, and always love it when I find a lipstick that works well for me, and I can create looks with! I have yet to wear this during the day, but that is just out of pure laziness! I think it will definitely work well with an even more neutral day time look: a pale blusher instead of contouring, no eyeliner and a lighter layer of brown-black mascara! I also love this brand of lipstick, and there are soo many other colours I want to try! I think the next one I will buy will be either Hyper-Brite Orangeade, Pinky Red, or Red Wine. :D

The Hyper-Brite Pink Hawaiian also looks like such an amazing colour, I am just not sure it would suit me ahaha :D Are you a fan of pink lips? Or are you more of a neutral or red lip fan?

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