Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Charles Worthington: Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer & Intense Rescue Melting Balm

I have been meaning to review these two wonder products for a while now, but I guess having used them more and more in the time that I haven't means I can give you a fuller review! :D

So the Charles Worthington Secrets Collection is a relatively new range, which includes a range of hair masks designed to "ensure your hair is always in red carpet ready condition". I chose to purchase the overnight mask and the balm as they both aim to repair and replenish your hair. I also loved the idea of nourishing my hair whilst I sleep, but also loved the idea of a balm-to-oil mask for those days when I can't wash my hair as soon as I wake up!

So what do I think? Well if you watch my videos you will know that I love these two products! I no longer will wash my hair without having used one or the other. The overnight mask makes your hair feel incredibly smooth and refreshed (moisture wise) as soon as you have washed it out. When my hair is dry it feels 'healed' and much softer than before. Another major plus point is that it really does leave no residue on your pillow, and the mild scent is not at all intrusive whilst you sleep. The application is easy as you literally smother your hair in it, however it is very sticky when wet so your hands do feel a bit gross... But it dries quick enough, and this really doesn't put me off, especially as I know the wonders it does for my hair!

The balm does a similar thing, but only needs to be on for 20 minutes before washing your hair, hence it is more intense. It melts really easily into a thick, almost creamy, oil which smells like the hairdressers. It glides on smoothly, but for thick hair like mine quite a lot is needed. The result is beautifully smoothed and softened hair. The balm itself is full of all the proteins and other naturally occurring things which makes undamaged and healthy hair look so lovely, and I guess it is these which make the balm work so well at making my hair feel healthy again. A great product which I would thoroughly recommend!

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