Monday, 18 February 2013

OOTD: Visited

I wore this uber casual outfit when my friend Becky came to visit for the day. It was such a laaavely day, and was so good to see her :) This is just a Topshop cardigan and dress, opaque tights, Urban Outfitters Boots, Primark necklace and an Ever Ours cat ring. I love this dress, especially the back, which I forgot to photograph! But it is open and fairly low-cut, but with a bar across the centre of the back. Very pretty! This is definitly a go-to dress of mine for a casual and low 'maintenance' day, as it really is just a case of chucking it on over some tights and hey presto! All set. I also unearthed this cardigan from the back of my knitwear drawer the other day, and I like how it sort of adds to the slobby/ comfy-ness of the outfit, but also because of the colour looks quite lady-like.

Yes so this was just a quickie post! I have been in Durham since Valentine's Day and was back in Uni this morning, so I think I may do a video this evening, so watch out for that on my Youtube channel! Also I wanted to a product review of the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara, but (absolutely gutted) I dropped it on the bus in Durham and it is lost to me. I am sooooo annoyed at myself because I genuinely love that mascara! Also who takes mascara out with them on a night out anyways?! I am such an idiot. Anyway I would recommend it :)

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